Medicare Benefits

What is Original Medicare?

What is Original Medicare? The government-issued insurance covers over 63 million adults. It is one of the most extensive health insurance plans, but it can be confusing to navigate if you haven’t ever enrolled before. Over the years, new plans have popped up, and out-of-pocket expenses have increased. If you are thinking about changing your Medicare …

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Coinsurance vs. Copay

No matter what insurance plan you have, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re responsible for when it comes to costs. Although they aren’t necessarily related, copay and coinsurance can cause some confusion. Copay is an alternative to coinsurance. Certain services a plan will list as flat copays versus other services they may charge a …

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Medicare Telehealth Services

When the pandemic hit, almost everything was thrown into disarray. Businesses were shut down, employees were forced to work from home, and medical offices had to adapt various new practices to safely see patients. Fortunately, modern technology has improved the quality of care when remote visits are the only option. Telehealth is the practice of …

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Air Flight Emergency Medical Membership Unnecessary

There is a myth that you won’t get medical care air ambulance if you don’t have a membership….read this article to better understand your options.   “For many years, emergency air medical companies have sold memberships to patients who rely on their services to access critical healthcare during emergencies. This subscription model was created to serve …

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