Medicare Enrollment

What is Original Medicare?

What is Original Medicare? The government-issued insurance covers over 63 million adults. It is one of the most extensive health insurance plans, but it can be confusing to navigate if you haven’t ever enrolled before. Over the years, new plans have popped up, and out-of-pocket expenses have increased. If you are thinking about changing your Medicare …

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Coinsurance vs. Copay

No matter what insurance plan you have, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re responsible for when it comes to costs. Although they aren’t necessarily related, copay and coinsurance can cause some confusion. Copay is an alternative to coinsurance. Certain services a plan will list as flat copays versus other services they may charge a …

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How to Choose a Primary Care Physician

The Health insurance plan you choose will determine the doctors, nurses, office staff, and other health care professionals you can see. Insurance plans often require that you find doctors and family practitioners that are in their plan network. How to choose a primary doctor There are several times throughout your life when you’ll need to …

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Medicare New Special Election Periods

Many states have responded to the multiple threats and difficulties impacting Medicare Beneficiaries by instituting Special Election Periods.  These SEP’s allow for enrollment in Medicare Advantage Plans outside of the normal Annual Enrollment (Oct 15th to Dec 7th) and the Open Enrollment (Jan 1st to Mar 31st).  This flexibility has come about as a result …

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